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Food Consulate has been conceptualized as an unique open ended platform that anyone with any affiliation to the world of culinary arts and science can make use of the same. If one is just a foodie and wants to learn the basics – he/ she can come and learn the same. If some one is passionate about teaching the culinary arts and sciences, they too can do the same. It’s all about creating unique experiences around the world of cuisine.

The instructors vary in their experiences and expertise but are united by their passion for sharing their experience in the form of simple instructions by physically demonstrating. Further thereby making a pleasant and worthwhile complete hands on learning experience. The well stocked equipments and utensils along with the state of the art teaching system by some of the most seasoned instructors makes the learning experience easy and enjoyable.

The platform would be suitable for anyone who loves good food. Be it a top Corporate management head for team building exercise with their team and or an IT Company programmer looking forward brushing their culinary basics before transitioning for assignments over seas to that of young men and women who want to learn and try new international cuisine. For everyone we have tailor made solutions here at Food Consulate.


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