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Diploma in Baking & Patisserie

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Diploma in Baking & Patisserie

Affiliated to Manipal City & Guilds, UK*

The fine art of crafting pastries of French and Belgian origin is now available in Chennai, the food capital of Tamil Nadu. With its vast cultural and gastronomical heritage, Chennai is a fine blend of orthodox and modern ideas, practices and life style. It boasts of some of the best educational institutions across various streams and it is about time that this vibrant city got its own institute specializing in Baking & Pastry Arts.

We, Food Consulate, the pioneer in providing some of the finest lifestyle courses across cooking and baking in Tamil Nadu are proud to announce the launch of our esteemed diploma course, Diploma, in Baking & Patisseriein affiliation with Manipal City & Guilds, UK*.

With unmatched infrastructure and some of the finest Instructors & Mentors, Food Consulate aims at alleviating the learners’ experience up by many notches and transforms them into the ultimate Professional Patissiers, ready to conquer the culinary world with their skill, finesse and expertise.


The Course:


Diploma in Baking & Patisserie in affiliation with Manipal City & Guilds,UK*


Extensive 350 hours of hands-on learning experience program


INR 3,50,000/- (+Taxes)




Anyone above the age of 16



Cold Deserts


Why Food Consulate?

  • Our state-of-the-art Infrastructure is a testimony to our commitment in bringing you a world class learning experience
  • Our chief trainer has more than 15 years of solid experience in the world of Patisserie across many countries, institutions and cruise liners.
  • Our team share the same passion that you have towards pastry and baking
  • Our Student – Trainer ratio will ensure that each of you get undiluted attention
  • It’s not just about education, we ensure that you are market ready with additional training to hone your communication and personality
  • We offer unmatched assistance for internships and to set-up your own Patisserie and Boulangerie (Bakery).
  • We are also offer Financial Aid* to promising Patissiers


The Learning Wheel


Pastry Dough , Breads and Viennoiserie


These freewheeling and relaxed sessions will introduce to the participants, the mesmerizing world of baking. Here, you will get to know in-depth about the fine ingredients that go into making the delicacies, their textures, chemical compositions, techniques and the procedures that you will follow throughout this program.


  • Know your Ingredients and Equipment – Sugar, Flours, Chocolate, Fruits, Dairy and Equipment Identification
  • Know your Math – Scales, Weights, Culinary Math, Budgeting and Food Costing
  • Safety and Sanitation at work – Introduction to the best safety and hygiene practices, common hazards and risks and ways to control them
  • Food Safety – Knowledge of the parameters of basic food safety practices, food hygiene, HACCP and Food Storage
  • Basic Skills – Beating, Processing, Decoration skills and the use of a pastry bag


Pastry Dough , Breads and Viennoiserie1

Pastry Dough, Breads and Viennoiserie

Pate/Dough is the starting point for any baking activity. From getting to know the basic techniques to getting your Pate right to knowing the theory of working with yeasted dough and baking some of the finest breads and viennoiserie, you will learn it all here!


  • Introducing the Pastry Dough – The Classic Dough Trio, Laminated or Layered Dough, Paper rolling techniques, kneading, rolling, proofing, baking and cooling, Theory and techniques with yeasted dough, fermentation, dough hydration, temperature control and modelling, Baker’s percentages and Dough formulations
  • The Breads – Theory of Professional Bread Baking, Pre-Ferments, Baking a wide range of breads from Brioche to Challah, Couronne of Bordeaux, Ciabatta Focaccia and Pizza
  • Viennoiserie – From breakfast pastries to festive sweet breads, from Pannetone to Croissant and Danish, you learn it here



Cakes and Cookies

No celebration is complete without the sweet tender breads called cakes and their distant cousins, the cookies, more commonly called Biscuits or Cookies. This segment will let you explore the nitty-gritties of original cake making and lead you through the more complex techniques involved in cake and cookie making.


  • Baking the Cake Basics – Layered and rolled versions of Butter and Egg-foam cakes, Batter balance, whisking, beating, one-stage, creaming techniques, Carrot cakes, cakes along with muffins, low-fat cakes like Genoise, Icings and Fillings spanning curds, ganaches and meringue-based butter creams, Cutting, glazing and decoration of Petites Fours
  • Sponge Delights – Chocolate-nut sponges, Opera, Inglot, Spice Bread, Fruit Cakes and Cherry Financiers, to name a few
  • Cookies – A wide range of dropped, shaped, icebox, or rolled cookies including biscotti, brownies, macaroons, madeleines and a lot more
  • Wedding Cakes – Butter cream modelling, royal icing, fondants, gum paste, floral arrangement & cake assembly and finishing techniques



Patisserie Products

The classic pastries were made with almonds, flour, honey and seeds. With the advent of sugar, Pastries come in different sizes, colors and flavors. We will take you through the process of pastry making touching upon the techniques of smoothing, coating, dipping, and the sweet and savory fillings with elan to help you know them inside-out.


  • Short crust, Tarts and Torte – Savory Flans, Raspberry tart, Chocolate Tart, Lemon Tart and Danoise among others
  • Puff Pastry – Convenience Puff Pastry, Sausage Rolls, Pies – Fruit, Meat and Pastry, Vol-au-vents, Bouchee a la Reine and Fruit Bandes
  • Choux – Choux a la creme, Eclair and a few varieties of Religieuses



Puddings and Hot Desserts

Often served with ice creams, our collection of Hot Desserts and Puddings will be exhaustive in letting you know the types and techniques like mixing, Beurremanie, lining and chemical aeration along with the many ways of decoration using fruits, chocolate, syrups, Creme anglaise and Fruit Coulis.


  • Hot Desserts – Sponge based, Batter based like Pan Cake, Beignet, Clafoutis and Egg based like custards
  • Puddings – Souffles, Rolly Polly Pudding, Rice, Tapioca and Semolina Puddings and Crumbles


Cold Desserts

Cold Desserts

Our extensive collection of cold desserts will let you experience the thrills of dessert making in its truest sense. The end of this schedule will see you making some of the best Meringues, Pavlova, Mousses, Cheesecakes, Sundaes, Sorbets and Pralines apart from mastering the fine craft of Chocolate designing and making.


  • Chocolates and Pralines – Cinnamon and Raspberry, Caramel Exotica, Banana Ganache, Hazelnut, Peanut & Almond Pralines
  • Entremets – Fruit based, Chocolate based and Nuts based entremets
  • Modern French Pastries – Chocolate Mousse Cake, Chantilly, Sable and Cheesecakes
  • Frozen Desserts – Ice creams, Moulded and Set Iced Desserts, Sorbets and Granite


Core Team

Communication and Entrepreneurship

Our final touch in getting you market ready with our communication and entrepreneurial development program.


  • Communication Skills – Spoken English, Presentation, Art of effective conversation, Business Dining Etiquettes
  • Entrepreneurship –Guidance to setting up your own Bake House

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