What is choux pastry?

Pâte à choux, another name for choux pastry, is a delicate pastry dough used to create a variety of sweet pastries. It is a dough that is cooked twice, first by heating flour, butter, and water, then beating in the egg yolks to create a smooth, dense dough to be piped and baked.

The dough can be piped into different forms before baking. The pastry expands during baking, leaving a hollow space in the middle that can be filled with several types of fillings like whipped cream, pastry cream, jams, mousseline, etc.,

Éclairs, cream puffs, Paris breast, profiteroles, and croquembouche are a few examples of popular desserts created with choux pastry. The light, airy texture of choux pastry and its capacity to contain different fillings are its well-known attributes.

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