Role of salt in Baking

Flavor enhancement:

Just like in cooking, salt enhances the flavor of baked goods by bringing out the natural flavors of other ingredients. It can also balance the sweetness and acidity in a baking recipe.

Yeast activation:

 Salt can activate the yeast in bread and other yeast-based baked goods by helping to control the rate of fermentation. Yeast is responsible for the rise and texture of bread, and salt can help control the amount of carbon dioxide released during fermentation, which affects the final texture of the bread.

Enzyme activation: 

Salt can also activate enzymes in the dough, which can help break down complex sugars and starches into simpler sugars. This can improve the overall texture and flavor of the finished baked goods.

Gluten development:

 Salt can affect the development of gluten in the dough by slowing down the process, which can result in more tender and flavorful bread.

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