Frequently Asked Questions


Once a course is booked with us you will receive confirmation of booking by email along with the information about the specific course. If you have booked the course on behalf of someone then make sure to please pass the information on to them.

In any unlikely event of cancellation of a course by Food Consulate, we will fully refund the fee or offer a choice to another course. Food Consulate will not be liable for any third-party expenses, such as accommodation, travel etc.

Cancellation to course bookings should be made atleast 28 days before the start date of the course; if interested we can happily swap you to a different course or the course fee will only be refunded if we fill your space on the course. Each case will be considered individually.

If you are facing any trouble booking the course, please call our office directly on 044-42630001 during working days and working hours.

All student and participants will be given a full safety overview at the beginning of the course, which will include information on the nearest fire exits, kitchen standards and toilets. All attendees are requested to wear shoes with flat, non-slip soles and covered toes as well as practical clothing. We will provide aprons and Chef coats for diploma students. Food Consulate and Boganvilla Patisserie are strictly a no-smoking zone.

Incase of emergency or to report your non attendance due to illness, you can directly call us at 044-42630001. No refund will be given for non-attendance due to illness.

It depends on the Course taken. For Diploma Course the fee includes Books, Ingredients,Uniform set, Baking tool kit and Examination fees. For IBPP program the fee includes Books, Ingredients and Aprons

Food Consulate reserves the right to make amendments to any workshop or masterclass course content and recipes without notice.

The Institute reserves the right to refuse entry to or ask a person to leave should we consider their behaviour unacceptable, or disruptive to other attendees

We encourage the use of photography during workshops with a generic code of content that should be taken into account considering the preference and privacy of the other students or participants. It is advised not to disturb the guests with excessive phone use or with the use of flash during the course and we also imply that any video recording be kept to a minimum.

The Institute will photograph the happening of the event during the courses to be posted in social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook, please feel free to let us know if you prefer not be included in them.

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  • Call Us: +91 9962623999 / +91 7823906969 / 044 42630001

    You may call us everyday from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m

  • Mail Us: info@foodconsulate.com

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